TC Notes_2013-8-8 :CEF

NOTES_2013-8-8 :CEF


Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Horton

Sandra Lesibu – New Ed.D. Student AT TC!

Maria Cecilla Salcedo

Mariana, Vergara


What do you want in your life? [MIV]

  • Feel it as you have achieved it
  • Not visualize or mentalize
  • Working on the SELF

July 2012

Foundation donated 241 hectareas for the Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador

  • 2.4 acre = 1 hectareas
  •  1 hectarea = 10,000 square meters land

Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador- work with indigenous people

  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable farming
  • Student – scholarships

World Dignity University

Systemic Constellations

Zulus; South Africa

YOUTUBE: Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations

Field of Morphic energy

  • Self and ancestral energy
  • Navigating the field of own reflection representatives fall into emotional rolls of higher consciousness
  • NOT psycho drama

YOUTUBE: 3 Dimensions of Consciousness


Create a field

In the field – create a field of consciousness – described in cultural culture context

  • Personal consciousness
  • Collective consciousness – religious – spiritual – earth based- scientific frame work
  • Middle dimensional consciousness – the inherited mind – consciousness of life – comes through our biology – memories – type of memory from our ancestors

‘Your ancestors are in your cells’ [MIV]

RITUAL: Healing with Mariana

The Ho’oponopono Mantra (ancient indigenous Hawaiian wisdom)

  • Healing engender prayer, repentance and forgiveness in oneself and other.

1) I am sorry, 2) forgive me, 3) I love you, and 4) thank you

  • Check out you feel
  • Then you will see

‘Our mind is controlling us’ [MIV]

‘Mind over matter’ [SL]

Break through stop sabotaging our-selves

‘Omen, New Beginning’ [SL]

Doing these exercises EVERY MORNING:

  • Exercises 1 – Guided meditation
  • Exercise 2 – Tapping heads
  • Exercise 3 –Visualization with higher-self

‘All the knowledge is within you’ [MIV]


  • Waves from other stations
  • Do not see them but you can tune in
  • There are many universes in front of you
  • Right now
    • Multiverses – multiple dimensions
    • Access through your frequency (lower or higher frequency)
      • Gives you what you are asking… Because of what you are sending
      •  ‘Point: Watch your frequency’ [MIV]

Process – How they change these perceptions between now and after the exercise

  • First work with the personal                                   ‘All about the child inside’
  • Measure
  • Building template to use same methodology
  • Involving the adults in the program

YOUTUBE: Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

Book: Red Moon; Miranda Gray [MCS]

  • Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the Menstrual Cycle


  • Spiritual
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical


Infinite Parenting

  • Helping kids and parents with speech problems

EdLab Teachers College Columbia University [DW]

Senior Planet Aging with Attitude [DW]

  • OATS (Older abduct technology service)

DAVIDS HW: Where did they get the funding?


  • Please follow up… ‘Remind each other to throw the ball back’ [MIV]

‘Changing the world on 2 coasts’ [DW]

Beverly is going to do Mindfulness into Action with children in Oakland, California.

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About Furlong

Furlong = 220 yards, 660 feet, 40 rods, or 10 chains. I am studying Participatory Action Research through ‘Mindfulness into Action ‘ working on my own self-reflection and identifying my behavioral patterns. My field of interest is Ethno-botany. At the moment, I am developing a work file for the healing centers scope of work in Ecuador. Preparing for travel down to Ecuador for hands on experience with local Indigenous shamans and healers. Currently, I am working on integrating participatory action research of ‘Mindfulness into Action’ and performance arts exercising STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATHMATICS) tool. I am interested in bringing joy to the world through movement (performance arts; dance and yoga) and education (‘mindfulness into action’ and STEM). Also, I am interested in bringing awareness of the cultural impact of human trafficking and abandonment of children. Through alternative medicine, I would like to aid victims of human trafficking with medicinal and spiritual healing. Moreover, I would like to embrace children who have been abandoned with love and compassion, and through epigenetics encouraging them to see that their future is limitless.

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