TC Notes_2013-29-8


RH 306 1600-1800


Anne Healy – Skype

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Jon Mannion & Lili

Mariana Vergara

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton

Sandra Lesibu

During this meeting we explored how to create a blog:

Learning how to use new website:

  1. Register àDashboard
  2. Make blog
  3. Post


  • How to post: Multi-media [AH]
    • SEE Media button in post section



  • Web page designs
  • Picture – waterfall [AH]
    • Why “Archive”?
    • Suggestions:
    • “Research”
    • “Resources”
    • “Contact Us”


  • Education
  • Research
  • Resources

-Virtual classroom: Google hangout = multi-person Skype

-Energy exercise

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About Furlong

Furlong = 220 yards, 660 feet, 40 rods, or 10 chains. I am studying Participatory Action Research through ‘Mindfulness into Action ‘ working on my own self-reflection and identifying my behavioral patterns. My field of interest is Ethno-botany. At the moment, I am developing a work file for the healing centers scope of work in Ecuador. Preparing for travel down to Ecuador for hands on experience with local Indigenous shamans and healers. Currently, I am working on integrating participatory action research of ‘Mindfulness into Action’ and performance arts exercising STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATHMATICS) tool. I am interested in bringing joy to the world through movement (performance arts; dance and yoga) and education (‘mindfulness into action’ and STEM). Also, I am interested in bringing awareness of the cultural impact of human trafficking and abandonment of children. Through alternative medicine, I would like to aid victims of human trafficking with medicinal and spiritual healing. Moreover, I would like to embrace children who have been abandoned with love and compassion, and through epigenetics encouraging them to see that their future is limitless.

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