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Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton

Maria Cecilla Salcedo – ESL English course

Mariana Vergara – Via Skype

International location:

Tanzania [DW]

  • Garry Thomas- Cultural Anthropology
  • Friend funds local school foundation [CEF] the hugging saint, India [CEF]

  • Dr. Emoto
    • HOW our frequencies effect the water
      • Mind makes matter
        • Our thoughts affect our inner water
    • Effecting own health with negative thoughts

Key: AWARNESS of thought patterns –creating

  • Reflecting within us

If we do not see it we will not make a change

Workshop – the lineage project [RH]

  • Training – Weekend

GOAL: Bringing yoga and meditation:

  • Juvenile justice system
  • Detention facilities
  • Public high schools ‘relocation’ schools
  • AGE: 11-24
  • WHERE: Secure juvenile justice centers
  • FACILITATORS: 8 full time teacher (certified yoga teachers) and volunteers

EX. Yoga mindfulness benefitting larger population

  • Large group setting experience
  • Challenges
    • Reactions
    •  Distractions

Counseling for kids with family situations

  • 16 year olds
  • 18 years old
    •  Jail due to unknown of consciousness

Finding ways to connect with kids

  • Making the world a better place through the curriculum
  • Opinion: taking different approach of teaching [RD]

Curriculum needs to be relevant to people’s lives

CORE questions generating new curriculum:

  1. How do I want to live my life?
  2. What kind of world do I want to live in?
  3. What can the school do to help make these a reality?
    1. Change agent

i.     Activation- making the change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi

Working with CHANGE:

  1. Dealing with today’s world?
  2. How do make tomorrow’s world a better world?

Taught kids in Riker’s Island [RD]

  • Riker’s children
    • Perceptive
      • School system ‘worthless’ to their reality
      • Wasting their time = teacher is full of ‘it’ too
      • Understanding with the individual teacher = student understand the topic

Street smart vs. Book smart [DW]

Correctional association for children

  • Working with past case study groups implementing ‘MIA’

Q: Did these kids want to learn? [DW]

  • Of course but not conventional curriculum – they will disconnect
  • Will not ‘play’ by the rules of elders if not interested. No one to impress


  • Importance of journaling
    • Keeping experience see patterns of self-recognition


  • Money and time constraints

Cultural issues:

  • Language barrier
  • Comprehension level
    • Verbal communication
      • Q: How to get our message across?
      • Comfortable in specific group settings
        • Key + learning language = group attitude
        • Cultural and attitude differences between cultures
          • Expectations- applying mindfulness 3rd head – feeling outsider
          • Verbal communication = mean – aggressive = no verbal communication
            • Message not apparent
  • Financing- Willing to maximize


  • Importance of personal contacts
  • Being creative in alterative ways
  • Email = very affective

Institutional issue

  • Alternatives –windows and loopholes
  • ‘They showed her the door’ [MCS]

EMOTIONS overcoming cultural difficulties

  • Blessed life
  • Love
  • Emotions finding motivation


Without mindfulness a person would not able to obtain a worthy solution

QUESTION: What to do with life’s pressure?

  • Importance and involvement with spiritual path


  • Life situations inferring with trying to make the world a better place.
  • Picking up other people slack

CHANGING the station dial.

  • Station to station.
    • We do not see but we touch.. They exist.
    • In front of me are many universes (dimensions)
    • Access these dimensions by changing your frequencies
    • Doing the exercise
      •  Become more aware of the energy you are sensing
        • EX. Worriedness
        • Change mind pattern by looking within
          • Positive thinking
          • Changing yourself
            • Attune with different frequencies revealing new reality
            • All lives exist in multiple dimensional universe

Changing our bodies frequencies:

*Cannot see frequencies

  • Doing these exercises = change our frequencies
  • Create the worldwide want
  • Working hard by looking within by the energy we send
  • Aware of energy we send out


  • Positive changing thinking positively
  • Through meditation – not visualizing but feeling at least 5 minutes a day
  • Imagine and feel-whatever you want

‘Working in the reality I want to create’ [MIV]


  • Feel what you desire
  • See the thoughts you are sending

Realization we affect our bodies with our thoughts

‘We are co-creating our own reality’


LISTEN: guided meditation – JUNE [MIV]

  • We don’t change the world.
    • We change our frequencies giving us access to changing our world


Workshop -> Grant writing

  • Hiring research assistants
  • Meeting minutes forwarding into action
  • Focus on ourselves empowerment
    • Q: How to become sustainable?

Funding opportunities:

*Using same template                                           ‘How to get our message across’ [MCS]

3 foundations to peruse (per person)

RFP (request for proposals)






  • Buckminster Fuller Institute
  • Foundations
  • Bill Gates
  • State of NY
  • Department of education 

PAST EX. Natural science foundation – email DW for link                                                  [DW]


  • What ‘MIA’ done
  • What ‘MIA’ will to accomplish


  • Integrating STEM into education and art program [CEF -IDEA]
  • Education
    • Narrow the achievement gap
      • Learn together – work together –
        • Q: What is the focus of study?
    • Treating students with respect co-creating curriculum with them not at them.
      •  Student will achieve more with their own interests
      • A stake in their learning initiative
  • Transformational learning [Rogers 2 questions)
  • The Arts (STEM)


  • Making a difference [RD]
    • Substitute teaching in long island story


  • Mindful with organization skills making a change [RD]
  • Filter- what does finding ‘things’ that have been lost
    • Filing
    • Scrapbook
      • Finding old writings


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About Furlong

Furlong = 220 yards, 660 feet, 40 rods, or 10 chains. I am studying Participatory Action Research through ‘Mindfulness into Action ‘ working on my own self-reflection and identifying my behavioral patterns. My field of interest is Ethno-botany. At the moment, I am developing a work file for the healing centers scope of work in Ecuador. Preparing for travel down to Ecuador for hands on experience with local Indigenous shamans and healers. Currently, I am working on integrating participatory action research of ‘Mindfulness into Action’ and performance arts exercising STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATHMATICS) tool. I am interested in bringing joy to the world through movement (performance arts; dance and yoga) and education (‘mindfulness into action’ and STEM). Also, I am interested in bringing awareness of the cultural impact of human trafficking and abandonment of children. Through alternative medicine, I would like to aid victims of human trafficking with medicinal and spiritual healing. Moreover, I would like to embrace children who have been abandoned with love and compassion, and through epigenetics encouraging them to see that their future is limitless.

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