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Minutes-OLA-Mindfulness into Action_2013-10-21

OLA meeting


From 3 to 6 pm


  • Anna Healy
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Jon Mannion
  • Maria Cecilia Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Roger Dennis
  • Sandra Lesibu
  • Yvonne Dennis

Current location IUME

3 to 4 pm


First Person Action Inquiry

Anna Healy:

  • Mother experiencing the 3rd head on her own
  • Thursday pilot at Lincoln HS, Yonkers, NY

Courtney Furlong:

NexGen Arts Festival at Zembo Shrine Auditorium in Harrisburg, PA

David Weksler:

  • Group: Ballet Tech. NY, NY education and dance at Joyce Theater

Jon Mannion:

  • Autumn in NYC amazing

Maria Cecilia:

  • TOEFL test
  • Anxious- studying and doing her best
  • Anxiety – outcome
  • Excited – go to SIPA

Mariana Vergara:

  • Being present -seeing things we did not see before
  • 13moon
    • Women’s rights – Tracking the transition of women from Feudalism to Capitalism.

Roger Dennis:

Sandra Lesibu:

  • Meeting with Professor Perkins
    • Request: write conversation to be presented to Board
    • Building a circle of influence
    • What is your intention?
      • Consult on an international level and teach on a university level

4 to 5 pm


Second Person Action Inquiry

  • Mindfulness phone music app. 432Hz
  • Logo
  • Podcasts – second level and 3rd level in archives

Conference: Presentation in December 2013

  • Describe – How I came here
  • WDU website – ask members to go through process

Why we sit in a circle vs. at table?

Book: Ingenious; Tina Seelig ‘Crash course on Creativity’

  • Study on creativity able to create more without a table in the middle
  • Table in middle bring separation
  • When standing we are more creative = especially kinesthetic learners

Creativity, Open source Stanford University

Progressive – creativity and creativity movements

  • Transition into 3rd head
  • Progressive thinkers – baby steps
  • Ex. having a class where everyone stand up


Dover HS in Dover, NJ

  • Fridays 2:30pm
  • 15 freshmen
  • Students creating club
  • Becoming more serious future entry university
  • Friday October 25th, 2013 Maria Cecilia Salcedo and Courtney Furlong

Pilot Lincoln HS in Yonkers, NY

  • Starts Thursday October 24th, 2013

Mindfulness into action club

  1. Training for NVivo
  2. Training for to be researchers IRB
  3. Research – How the kids transform
  4. Preparing the field
  5. Context presented to faculty
  • Ways for students – No theme- journal and articulate post-graduation
  • Experience going into all these schools
  1. Context of being mindful in schools [DW]
  • Sports
  • Community service
    • Collaboration with arts
    • Community clean up


Jon Mannion’s review on education – Researcher being a substitute teacher

  • Parents a now choosing high schools
  • NYC competition and family choice

Manhattan Center for Math and Science (Former Benjamin Franklin High School) – Leonard Covello [Roger Dennis]

Mission: Connecting the community with the school

Music frequency = sound is energy


  • When we sit in a circle we connect to the field
  • Divine intelligence will guide us and provide anything we need to have
  • Planning comes from future oriented attitude
  • Being committed to what we are doing it will come through
  • Focus on what we want to achieve
  • And we will go there
  • The Higher force is inside of you – It empowers you
  • Before you were afraid – you had doubts
  • Self manifest: if there are fears, then the self will manifest this in dreams
  • Personal with own fears = manifests in own dream

5 to 6 pm

Working Groups:

Working on the blog – Jon



Working on searching grants for Native Americans – Yvonne


Working in looking for a room for next meeting – Anna

Working in WDU class – Mariana


OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-12

OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-12

Rh 302 1600-1800


  • Anna Healy
  • Beverly Chang
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Elizabeth Negrete
  • Maria Cecila Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Sandra Lesibu

We are “Mindfulness into Action”, an initiative through OLA (Organizational Leadership Association).

Advisors: Victoria Marsick and Lyle Yorks

Working with NPO (Non-profit Organization) – CEJJES Institute; Edmund W. Gordon

1600-1700- Research eSeminar on NVivo: Critical incidents

  • Software for qualitative research
  • Produce scientific work

Two research training:

  • Nvivo
  • CITI – RB (Institutional Review Board)

Pilots for “Mindfulness into Action”:

  1. Lincoln High School, Yonkers, NY
  2. Dover High School, Dover NJ

Intervention vs. observation [DW]

Elizabeth Negrete comments: [EN] please can you help us with this information?

Higher education department club; Christine Arlene

  • Hepsy (higher education…)
  • OSAP (office of students affairs and programs); Marlene Heva

Grant writing:

  • Applying for $1,500 grant for meeting food and supplies
  • Community theme
  • Diversity and Community Initiative (DCI)
  • Ford Fellowships programs for under representative groups

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 19th of September 2013 from 1600 – 1800 in room 306 Russell Hall Library, Teachers College.