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TC Notes_2013-8-8 :CEF

NOTES_2013-8-8 :CEF


Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Horton

Sandra Lesibu – New Ed.D. Student AT TC!

Maria Cecilla Salcedo

Mariana, Vergara


What do you want in your life? [MIV]

  • Feel it as you have achieved it
  • Not visualize or mentalize
  • Working on the SELF

July 2012

Foundation donated 241 hectareas for the Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador

  • 2.4 acre = 1 hectareas
  •  1 hectarea = 10,000 square meters land

Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador- work with indigenous people

  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable farming
  • Student – scholarships

World Dignity University

Systemic Constellations

Zulus; South Africa

YOUTUBE: Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations

Field of Morphic energy

  • Self and ancestral energy
  • Navigating the field of own reflection representatives fall into emotional rolls of higher consciousness
  • NOT psycho drama

YOUTUBE: 3 Dimensions of Consciousness


Create a field

In the field – create a field of consciousness – described in cultural culture context

  • Personal consciousness
  • Collective consciousness – religious – spiritual – earth based- scientific frame work
  • Middle dimensional consciousness – the inherited mind – consciousness of life – comes through our biology – memories – type of memory from our ancestors

‘Your ancestors are in your cells’ [MIV]

RITUAL: Healing with Mariana

The Ho’oponopono Mantra (ancient indigenous Hawaiian wisdom)

  • Healing engender prayer, repentance and forgiveness in oneself and other.

1) I am sorry, 2) forgive me, 3) I love you, and 4) thank you

  • Check out you feel
  • Then you will see

‘Our mind is controlling us’ [MIV]

‘Mind over matter’ [SL]

Break through stop sabotaging our-selves

‘Omen, New Beginning’ [SL]

Doing these exercises EVERY MORNING:

  • Exercises 1 – Guided meditation
  • Exercise 2 – Tapping heads
  • Exercise 3 –Visualization with higher-self

‘All the knowledge is within you’ [MIV]


  • Waves from other stations
  • Do not see them but you can tune in
  • There are many universes in front of you
  • Right now
    • Multiverses – multiple dimensions
    • Access through your frequency (lower or higher frequency)
      • Gives you what you are asking… Because of what you are sending
      •  ‘Point: Watch your frequency’ [MIV]

Process – How they change these perceptions between now and after the exercise

  • First work with the personal                                   ‘All about the child inside’
  • Measure
  • Building template to use same methodology
  • Involving the adults in the program

YOUTUBE: Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

Book: Red Moon; Miranda Gray [MCS]

  • Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the Menstrual Cycle


  • Spiritual
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical


Infinite Parenting

  • Helping kids and parents with speech problems

EdLab Teachers College Columbia University [DW]

Senior Planet Aging with Attitude [DW]

  • OATS (Older abduct technology service)

DAVIDS HW: Where did they get the funding?


  • Please follow up… ‘Remind each other to throw the ball back’ [MIV]

‘Changing the world on 2 coasts’ [DW]

Beverly is going to do Mindfulness into Action with children in Oakland, California.

TC Notes_2013-25-7 :CEF

201325-7 :CEF


Courtney Furlong

David Wexler

Roger Dennis

Maria Cecilla Salcedo

Mariana Vergara – video chat

What is Stem cell

Science of genetics – belief that genes control our traits

Genes from mother and father dictate

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Characteristics

New Science:

YOUTUBE: Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

  • Genes are not self-actualizing
  • Do not turn on or off
  • Genes are blue prints
    • Contractors activity- one who read controls the blue print
    • Environmental information effects the genes and modifies the read out of the gene

Genetics = victims

Epigenetics = masters of our genetics

  • Controlling our life, beliefs and perceptions about life

Physical life of the body:

Newtonian physics

  • Body is a machine made out of chemicals and controlled by genes [BL]


Quantum physics                           ‘Matter can be influenced by different energy fields’

  • Atoms are made out of vibrational energy
  • World based on energy                                   ‘Everything is made up of energy’
    • Emotions
    • Feelings                                                                      ‘expression of energy’
      • Love
      • Beauty
      • Energy influences matter

Plutonium physics                                        ‘Matter only be influenced by other matter’

  • Matter is primary

Darwinian Theory – – competition fitness and survival

New age healing:

  • Using energy vibration in replace of physical chemicals

Energy vibration – Way of communication

  • 100 times more efficient than through chemistry
    • Energy fields and vibrations:
      • Thoughts

Lipton: 95% subconscious of our behavior in life [MIV]

We overcome the subconscious through:

  1. Habit
  • How the reflection exercise helps us to be present
  1. Hypnotism
  • Self guided meditation that is self-hypnotism
    • Changing  – rewiring our brain

Changing fundamental beliefs:

  • Way we are living
  • Treating others
  • New Beliefs
  • New Institutions


  • How do you change it?
  • How do you change your behavior?


We create vs. subconscious

Definition of the tools:          [SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS]

  • Harmonic shield
  • Harmonic rings
  • Holographic board

Everyone has but we are not aware

  • Ex. Walking in NYC we are receptive picking up energy of other people (sadness, frustration, anger, etc.) through our skin.


Why do the harmonic shield?

To protect our energy and protect us from other people’s energies

YOUTUBE: Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family constellations

Groups of animals R- field phenomena

Morphic Resonance and Morphic fields

  •  Connect with each other through energy field.

Social fields

  • Fields of organizations of social groups
    • Patterns and habits

Applied to social animals:

Ex. 1: Flying flock of birds; Starlings

  • Flock behavior
    • Magnetic field models
      • Whole flock as field
        • Position and movement dependent on whole

Ex. 2: Fish

  • More than feeling pressure waves

Field organization vs. mind-consciousness

  • Activating our (the) harmonic shield we will not pick up energy from other people.
  • Telepathy between banned between different people in a social group

Ex. Wolves

Field of morphic groups:

  • Build in memory
  • Human fields

Ex. 3. The family field


Biologically with epigenetics:

  • We all have certain genes  -We were all born with specific genes
    • Strengths and weakness
    • Beyond genes – we have control through energy to change and develop genes

Life Mission: help create a world that people are safe and happy. [RD]

We are co-creating our realities

Being happy

Need to be conscious that we do not attract the wrong energy for manifestations

YOUTUBE: The hidden messages in water!

Dr. Emoto  Love & Gratitude

  • Thought or intent is driving force …
  • 90% of our bodies are water
  • Molecular structure of water and what affects it
  • Water:
    • Most respective of the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

Thought: Water respond to non-physical events


  • Mental stimuli
  • Viewed under: Dark field microscope

The observation was done in various ways:

  • Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing
    letters to water
  • Showing pictures to water
  • Playing music to water
  • Praying to water

Imagine what our thoughts can do to us’

TC Notes_2013-18-7 :CEF


Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton

Maria Cecilla Salcedo – ESL English course

Mariana Vergara – Via Skype

International location:

Tanzania [DW]

  • Garry Thomas- Cultural Anthropology
  • Friend funds local school foundation [CEF]

www.amma.org the hugging saint, India [CEF]

  • Dr. Emoto
    • HOW our frequencies effect the water
      • Mind makes matter
        • Our thoughts affect our inner water
    • Effecting own health with negative thoughts

Key: AWARNESS of thought patterns –creating

  • Reflecting within us

If we do not see it we will not make a change

Workshop – the lineage project [RH]

  • Training – Weekend

GOAL: Bringing yoga and meditation:

  • Juvenile justice system
  • Detention facilities
  • Public high schools ‘relocation’ schools
  • AGE: 11-24
  • WHERE: Secure juvenile justice centers
  • FACILITATORS: 8 full time teacher (certified yoga teachers) and volunteers

EX. Yoga mindfulness benefitting larger population

  • Large group setting experience
  • Challenges
    • Reactions
    •  Distractions

Counseling for kids with family situations

  • 16 year olds
  • 18 years old
    •  Jail due to unknown of consciousness

Finding ways to connect with kids

  • Making the world a better place through the curriculum
  • Opinion: taking different approach of teaching [RD]

Curriculum needs to be relevant to people’s lives

CORE questions generating new curriculum:

  1. How do I want to live my life?
  2. What kind of world do I want to live in?
  3. What can the school do to help make these a reality?
    1. Change agent

i.     Activation- making the change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi

Working with CHANGE:

  1. Dealing with today’s world?
  2. How do make tomorrow’s world a better world?

Taught kids in Riker’s Island [RD]

  • Riker’s children
    • Perceptive
      • School system ‘worthless’ to their reality
      • Wasting their time = teacher is full of ‘it’ too
      • Understanding with the individual teacher = student understand the topic

Street smart vs. Book smart [DW]

Correctional association for children

  • Working with past case study groups implementing ‘MIA’

Q: Did these kids want to learn? [DW]

  • Of course but not conventional curriculum – they will disconnect
  • Will not ‘play’ by the rules of elders if not interested. No one to impress


  • Importance of journaling
    • Keeping experience see patterns of self-recognition


  • Money and time constraints

Cultural issues:

  • Language barrier
  • Comprehension level
    • Verbal communication
      • Q: How to get our message across?
      • Comfortable in specific group settings
        • Key + learning language = group attitude
        • Cultural and attitude differences between cultures
          • Expectations- applying mindfulness 3rd head – feeling outsider
          • Verbal communication = mean – aggressive = no verbal communication
            • Message not apparent
  • Financing- Willing to maximize


  • Importance of personal contacts
  • Being creative in alterative ways
  • Email = very affective

Institutional issue

  • Alternatives –windows and loopholes
  • ‘They showed her the door’ [MCS]

EMOTIONS overcoming cultural difficulties

  • Blessed life
  • Love
  • Emotions finding motivation


Without mindfulness a person would not able to obtain a worthy solution

QUESTION: What to do with life’s pressure?

  • Importance and involvement with spiritual path


  • Life situations inferring with trying to make the world a better place.
  • Picking up other people slack

CHANGING the station dial.

  • Station to station.
    • We do not see but we touch.. They exist.
    • In front of me are many universes (dimensions)
    • Access these dimensions by changing your frequencies
    • Doing the exercise
      •  Become more aware of the energy you are sensing
        • EX. Worriedness
        • Change mind pattern by looking within
          • Positive thinking
          • Changing yourself
            • Attune with different frequencies revealing new reality
            • All lives exist in multiple dimensional universe

Changing our bodies frequencies:

*Cannot see frequencies

  • Doing these exercises = change our frequencies
  • Create the worldwide want
  • Working hard by looking within by the energy we send
  • Aware of energy we send out


  • Positive changing thinking positively
  • Through meditation – not visualizing but feeling at least 5 minutes a day
  • Imagine and feel-whatever you want

‘Working in the reality I want to create’ [MIV]


  • Feel what you desire
  • See the thoughts you are sending

Realization we affect our bodies with our thoughts

‘We are co-creating our own reality’


LISTEN: guided meditation – JUNE [MIV]

  • We don’t change the world.
    • We change our frequencies giving us access to changing our world


Workshop -> Grant writing

  • Hiring research assistants
  • Meeting minutes forwarding into action
  • Focus on ourselves empowerment
    • Q: How to become sustainable?

Funding opportunities:

*Using same template                                           ‘How to get our message across’ [MCS]

3 foundations to peruse (per person)

RFP (request for proposals)






  • Buckminster Fuller Institute
  • Foundations
  • Bill Gates
  • State of NY
  • Department of education 

PAST EX. Natural science foundation – email DW for link                                                  [DW]


  • What ‘MIA’ done
  • What ‘MIA’ will to accomplish


  • Integrating STEM into education and art program [CEF -IDEA]
  • Education
    • Narrow the achievement gap
      • Learn together – work together –
        • Q: What is the focus of study?
    • Treating students with respect co-creating curriculum with them not at them.
      •  Student will achieve more with their own interests
      • A stake in their learning initiative
  • Transformational learning [Rogers 2 questions)
  • The Arts (STEM)


  • Making a difference [RD]
    • Substitute teaching in long island story


  • Mindful with organization skills making a change [RD]
  • Filter- what does finding ‘things’ that have been lost
    • Filing
    • Scrapbook
      • Finding old writings


TC Note_2013-11-7 : CEF





  • Anna Healy
  • Courtney Furlong – Nutrition
  • David Weksler – Cyber bullying
  • Victoria Tapias Guzman -2 weeks from 6am-4pm alarms
  • Teja Jonnalagadda – TedX Hoboken
  • Elisabeth Negrete – via Skype

Discussion: reflection exercises

Process vs. Progress

  • Difficulties during holidays keep up with Journaling
    • Still Reflecting without scribing
    • ‘On a vacation from self’ (Ja, Ja) [EN]
      • Long Mornings

‘Going in slower- awake- present’ [ALH] 


  • Positive in memory of present not dwell on the past
    • Willingness
    • Conscious – stage of transition


  • Developed full spectrum of senses during full hour time [VTG]
  • Slowing down- meeting with new and old people
    • Revaluating priorities [CEF]
    • Smooth transitions- Controlling emotions -Reflecting on the past timeline
    • Becoming more present without the alarm. [ALH]
    • Conducting my conversations
      • More conscious – being in my body

‘Serial experience = Being more mindful’ [AH]

ISSUE:  Bullying [TJ]


  • How did my actions affect the bullying?
  • How did it affect them?
  • How do you know ‘people’ need help?

Cyber-bullying – words can be extremely hurtful [DW]

  • Intention = make positive changes in less of Aggressive way [ALH]
  • Unequal interaction; banking

Effect: Aggression

  • Reflection
    • Before Would react- allow it to consume self

Present day

  • Self-reflection
    • Mindfulness Changing at old thought patterns
    • Putting Self in the memory and evaluating
      • Concluded patterns; breaking the chain [CEF]

Society vs. conditioning

Hinduism vs. Buddhism

‘Ritual without mindfulness’ vs. ‘practice what you preach’ [TJ]

‘Life is a sink of this essence’  [TJ]

Hinduism: cast system = karma

Rise of philosophy VS. Decline in society

Nature vs. nurture

Religion = philosophy

ISSIE: All around the world

      Lack of thought = Doing with out thinking [TJ]

Reading + seeing =direct connection [TJ]

Buddha as a nearly scientist [TJ]

  • Looking through causation
  • Pulling it apart
  • Coming to truth
  • Not resting on present reality


TC Notes_2013-27-6 :CEF


Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

Elisabeth Negrete – California participatory research

Maria Cecilla – Back from Boston

Mariana Vergara – Back from Native American retreat

Victoria Tapias Guzman – WELCOME! Spanish teacher


 ‘We are antennas, sending that energy: happy, sad, and worried. We have to be present to see what we are sending.’ [MIV]


  • Changing education system
  • Changing economic system
  • Saving the amazon

HOW:                                                                      ‘Be neutral and not judgmental’ [MV]

  • Weekly experiences (EXERCISES)
  • What we found – purpose
    • 1st person – go with in
    • 2nd person – Being present (here in NYC) [MIV]
    • Work collectively [MIV]
    • Working with achievement gap [MCS]
    • Actually go into ACTION [MCS]


  • Action Inquiry
  • Action Science
  • Access consciousness
  1.  Zulu; Africa
    1. systemicfamilysolutions
      1. Bert Hellinger
      2. Hopono; Hawaii
      3. Toltec agreements
        1. 4 agreements
        2. YOUTUBE: The 5th Agreement: Interview with Don Miguel


  • Norway action research
    • Luis
      • Legislation = citizen need meaningful job
  • Latino Coalition of Student Scholars                                                  [E
  • GOAL: Action research in California – see ourselves as equals
    • Recognizing the attitude
    • CREATE: lecture
    • ISSUE: Community college- retention for graduation
      •  PURPOSE- funding
  • EXERCISES: need to see our assumptions
    • Moving with assumption we fix nothing

Current paradigm: research on people (EXAMPLE)

Participatory action research                                                ‘Coming from with in’ [MIV]

  • Going within to see what thy self doing externally
  • CHANGE: Research paradigm: Not dictating; identifying own assumptions.
  • Breaking away from society ‘role’ see we are all equals
    • 500 years of emancipation

Exercises & studies; Executive [AH]

  • IRP internal review board
  • Ethical issues group dilemma


  • TC grant to study community college


GOAL: Bring multi-diversity


  • ‘Elevator speech’                                                                                                                  [MIV]
    • Template used as guidance to help develop a spiritual elevator speech.
    •  “Message to the World” & “Visioning Your Elevator Speech”                          [AH]


  • Curiosity                                        [MIV]
  • Collectiveness
  • Building a system to perceive
  • Honesty
  • Reflect
  • Strength                                        [MCS]
  • Passion
  • Same direction