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NOTES_2013-6-6 :CEF


Anna Healy
Courtney Furlong- Welcome!
David Weksler
Roger Dennis
Maria Cecilla Salcedo
Mariana Vergara
Jon Mannion

VALUEs: commitment, consciousness, dignity, integrity, teamwork

The reflection exercise

Time vs. Value = outcome

Fear – moving with assumption

  • World issues + in justice = No solution

Going within + reflection + connecting with energy nature (mother earth)

Describing vs. Seeing = Go through the process

• Where we are going?
• What are we doing?

Sync (synchronicity)


  • Establishing: Trust + confidentiality = intuitive

1. Case Study                       [AH]
Lincoln H.S, Yonkers, NY
Extra Credit
2 Questions:

  • What do you think mindfulness means?
  • Share with mass school – what would be the result?

• Kids building a club 1/week
• Journaling

All Good = Inner Peace

• Time managements
• Attendance
• Review date for pre-assessment
• Restore
• Grades
• Attendance
• Hobbies
• Homework

2. Case study Dover, New Jersey                 [MIV]

Reactive vs. Creative

Reflection research vs. Applying knowledge

Reflects vs. Reacting

Pre- methodology:

  • Who is control group?
  • Action à integrity, dignity
  • Action research àparticipatory action research

Creating variable:

‘Knowledge from within’                                     [MIV]

Scientific approach – methodology

Technology –> www.mindfulnessintonaction.org