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Bronx Academy of Software Engineering (BASE) and Mindfulness into Action

I have taken a position as a lead teacher in BASE.
The teachers and administration are interested in developing a Mindfulness aspect to the culture at BASE

There is a significant daily time frame dedicated to advisory.
There is a huge need for learners and staff to develop tools to pacify, anxieties and to afford the opportunities for concentration and focus.

I will prepare the path with the administration for research and other activities such as site visits by members of MIA.

I am developing a curriculum for advisory which includes as many aspects of Mindfulness as possible.

The research aim would be to develop a research method and document the experiences of the learners and staff and to note any transformations connected to the Mindfulness exercises.
Support will be needed for training, site visitations, methodology development and literacy review.

Preparations are underway to describe to the administration the need for IRB and diagnostic/benchmark testing. Other pre-requesits include clarifying the terms of reference and detailing a common understanding of MIA efforts and needs at BASE.