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OLA – Mindfulness into Action_2013-10-3


RH 202 1600-1800


  • Anna Heely
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Elizabeth Negrete
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Nadia Eran
  • Roger Dennis
  • Sandra Lesibu

Systemic Therapy training

Systemic Therapy or Family Constellations work has a powerful, healing and reconciling effect on a spiritual level, which mirrors itself in a positive way in the physical body. It was discovered by Bert Hellinger inspired by his 16 years observing the ancient knowledge of the Zulus in Africa.

Senior Planet proposal [David Weksler]

Lecture-Video clip – Education children acting like scientists [Elizabeth]

  • Cognitive abilities vs. non-cognitive abilities to be successful
  • Developing resultants
  • Building portfolios

Singing mantra concert [Maria Cecilia]

  • Finding meditation for self
  • Being in action
  • Inner voice being at peace when singing mantras

Mindfulness work group at TC [Elizabeth]

Concentrate on the present moment [Nadia]

Being in the third person [Mariana]

  • Observing your own behavior
  • Please read:
  • Action Inquiry by Bill Torbert, 2004
  • Collaborative Inquiry by Bray, Lee, Smith & Yorks, 2000

Creative Live – Learning channel [Roger Dennis]

  • Free online
  • Mindfulness and yoga

Norway government grant for Latin America research facility [Mariana]

Discussion of Second Person Action Inquiry

Re: TEDx Brain storming meeting

  • Need for technology in education
    • Is education flat?
    • Need for diversity in TEDx
    • Recording be interactive idea more of an experiential things than a lecture
    • What will the focus be? Theme?

Speaker- Stacy Robbins

Received with Victoria Marsick a grant for diversity initiative

Curriculum of adult learning leadership developing program

Develop master’s program curriculum to meet needs of students

  • Student voice – What do the students need?

Collaborative processes -What is design thinking?

• Methodology proven and repeatable problem solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.

Collaboration – ‘standing on the shoulders of others’

  • What has already been done?
  • Where are the students coming from?
  • What is the learning environment?

Bring together people who care:

  • Faculty
  • Students

Wine and cheese gathering October 17th, 2013 2000-2100 Check AWILDA

Advisor- Victoria Marsick

  • Ways to get involved
  • Check adult learning website- how must we develop Adult learning…
  • Teachers College adulating learning and leadership page


  • OLA
  • Dean’s Fellowship program [Stacy Robbins]




OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-19

OLA- Mindfulness into Action 2013-9-19

RH 306 1600 – 1800


  • Anna Healy
  • David Weksler
  • Farah
  • Maria Cecilia Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Pierre Faller
  • Roger Dennis
  • Sandra Lesibu

David – Met with engineers that have created a software for students to use a career search resource

Sandra – Becoming more aware of personal environment, clearing out house and clutter.  Cultivating a greater awareness of synchronicity and manifesting goals

Farah: Lying in bed, wasting time and decided that she should do something.

Organizing before starting work and passion.  Time management and freed schedule

Keeping journals to track progression during daily exercises.  We are our own research as we connect with the field.

Mariana – children from Africa are going to participate in the reflections exercises.

Mindfulness into Action website to do this process and go within.

Sandra – Washington at a national conference with the major 9 sororities and fraternities about education and how to stop school-to-prison, change curriculum

Pierre – Brings back to a few years ago and where he sees an opportunity to apply this to situations to make systematic.  Making this process part of daily regimen

2. Life has changed a lot in the last 2-3 months, left his job to focus on dissertation, interesting place to be a master of his own domain without any external structures.

3. Mother is visiting and interesting dynamic between parents/children, act on mindfulness when entering tough/tense situations.  Feels better aware of what is happening and how to act/react on what is going on

Maria Cecilia – challenging to create a new habit, learning there are multiple ways to change subconscious and creating new habits to meet goal.  Clear on goal and it is now looking very close to obtaining goal.   Enjoying journey to apply

Roger Dennis – Epigenetics

Pulling demographic data on public schools and noticing

Action Items:

Sandra to introduce Reflection Exercise to associates from the Washington conference.

Pierre: Idea that club should establish clear objectives and agenda:

1. To introduce projects/and or update status on progress

2. Two dimensions: relfection and process of mindfulness

Contribution of club: through projects and potential initiatives as it relates to TC, Columbia and community



OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-12

OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-12

Rh 302 1600-1800


  • Anna Healy
  • Beverly Chang
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Elizabeth Negrete
  • Maria Cecila Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Sandra Lesibu

We are “Mindfulness into Action”, an initiative through OLA (Organizational Leadership Association).

Advisors: Victoria Marsick and Lyle Yorks

Working with NPO (Non-profit Organization) – CEJJES Institute; Edmund W. Gordon

1600-1700- Research eSeminar on NVivo: Critical incidents

  • Software for qualitative research
  • Produce scientific work

Two research training:

  • Nvivo
  • CITI – RB (Institutional Review Board)

Pilots for “Mindfulness into Action”:

  1. Lincoln High School, Yonkers, NY
  2. Dover High School, Dover NJ

Intervention vs. observation [DW]

Elizabeth Negrete comments: [EN] please can you help us with this information?

Higher education department club; Christine Arlene

  • Hepsy (higher education…)
  • OSAP (office of students affairs and programs); Marlene Heva

Grant writing:

  • Applying for $1,500 grant for meeting food and supplies
  • Community theme
  • Diversity and Community Initiative (DCI)
  • Ford Fellowships programs for under representative groups

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 19th of September 2013 from 1600 – 1800 in room 306 Russell Hall Library, Teachers College.

OLA meeting Notes_2013-5-9

OLA meeting Notes_2013-5-9:CEF



Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton

Jon Mannion & Lilli

Maria Cecilia Salcedo

Mariana Vergara

Lyle Yorks


  • Mariana Vergara accepted the president position at OLA
  • Mariana Vergara invited us to be part of OLA
  • We accepted and we are “OLA” (Organization Leadership Association)
  • Mindfulness into Action will apply for the Diversity and Community Initiative (DCI) through OLA
  • Dr. Lyle Yorks accepted to be our advisor and came to our meeting.

For DCI, we need training to become Research Assistants training for action research using Collaborative inquiry

  • IRB training
  • Nvivo training


Going through reflection exercises Object and subject separation

  • 2-3rd week you are observing
  • Having this tool we are not agitated we are out in this 3rd head
  • Process of reflecting and seeing it.

Mayan Aztecs adding into the 5th Agreement (YouTube)

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best
  5. Be skeptical, but learn to learn
  • Toltec’s ancestors of the Aztecs and Mayans

Cultural paradigm [See attached picture]

  • Intension is beyond integrity
  • Beyond organizational learning à it’s from the heart
  • The mind goes in the way that we need it (heart) to go.  [MIV]

Overwhelming love after effects of systemic therapy [MCS]

  • Forgiveness

How do we pay for our higher education?

Ford Foundation offering fellowship for pre-doctoral students 2014 [SI]

  • For under representative grounders – for college teaching
  • Professor of education –teaching teachers
  • Deadline – November

NGO (Non-governmental Organization) in Kenya  [LY]

Massai of Kenya Lion defenders

Massai warriors tradition = Go kill lions

  • Focus to protect the lions
  • Hunt the people who are hunting the lions

FUTURE: Trip to Kenya for interview –phenomenology

Look at from different paradigm

  • Scientist tracking a lion by the indigenous


You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost in the Mall, Colin Ellard

  • Impact of the phenomenology in the western consumerism
  • People are very concerned with sustainability that they are un-sensitized of the action problem
  • Non-connected and be external

Looking at integration from 2 paradigms

Q: What is it?

  • Transformational learning perspective
  • Look at as lion protectors

Manila [JM]

  •  How informal mentor handle mentoring
  • Social constructionist environment

Methodology: Same template [MIV]

  • Rainforest
    • Ex. Ecuador
    • Schools for youth
      • Ex. Lincoln HS

Yonkers, NY [ALH]

  • New principal
    • For trip the club will ask the principal for funding
    • Repeating theme to help kids go to college

Becoming comfortable in isolation:

Ask self: Why do I feel…

  • Happier with others
  • Less happier with isolation

The field will answer – field is inside of self

  • Energy levels different by self vs. with others
  • When we are born… We are by ourselves = complete
  • We are taught to look outside self for happiness by societal systems morals and values.
  • Look within and finding peace


  • Energy Freedom Technique
  • Self empowering – People being brought back into their own power
    • Pain
    • Fear
    • Shame
    • Our body is telling us about the blockages of our energy

OLA members- community diversity initiative

  • Active inquiry
  • Collaborative inquiry

Grant- community diversity initiative [MIV]


  • Master within
  • Journey within
  • Collaborative Inquiry

ADD in ‘Master within’

  • EVENT: Shanti mantra concert – September 28th, 2013 in Staten Island

Key words:

  • Emergence
  • Phenomenology
  • Transformation leadership

Project supplies


Dear Teachers and club organizers,

Feeling strapped for supplies in order to manifest projects..?

Did you know Staples Soul – promotes education, youth and community development around the globe – contributing supplies to the local economies –

  • Selling products and services that help business owners
  • Households
  • Educators
  • Students and others thrive and succeed

TC Notes_2013-29-8


RH 306 1600-1800


Anne Healy – Skype

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Jon Mannion & Lili

Mariana Vergara

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton

Sandra Lesibu

During this meeting we explored how to create a blog:

Learning how to use new website:

  • Betamia.constructing-learning.com
  1. Register àDashboard
  2. Make blog
  3. Post


  • How to post: Multi-media [AH]
    • SEE Media button in post section



  • Web page designs
  • Picture – waterfall [AH]
    • Why “Archive”?
    • Suggestions:
    • “Research”
    • “Resources”
    • “Contact Us”


  • Education
  • Research
  • Resources

-Virtual classroom: Google hangout = multi-person Skype

-Energy exercise

TC Notes_2013-22-8


NOTES 1600-1800


Anna Healy

Beverly Chang – Via Skype from Grass Valley, California

Courtney Furlong

Jon Mannion – Welcome back from Manlia!

Maria Cecilia Salcedo

Mariana Vegara – Welcome back from Florida vacation!

Roger Dennis

Roger Horton – Congratulations finding an apartment!

‘Exercises create synchronicity’ [MIV]



Reflecting too superficially? [RD]

  1. Blog and website
  2. Clean my room/office reflecting add
  3. Family health – insurance

Specifically ask self: [MIV]

  • How am I doing in these 3 tasks?

Strategy: Ex. Everyday I spend 15 minutes … [MIV]

‘Task Masters’: We are doing, doing, doing [MIV]

  • Devise a plan – setting up schedule
  • Forgetting vs. focus
  • Being conscious vs. unconsciously feeling over whelmed

Obsessive vs. assertive [MIV]

  • Control à letting go [AH]
  • Align with purpose

Analogy: Soap in shower – hold it too tight – you loose it [AH]

Family projection of self-stress: [SI]

  • Focus – Moving forward meditating on goals
  • Transitional period – Clearing clutter in life
  • Family misplacement of emotions
    • How to specifically say …
    • Setting a firm place with family
      • Allowing them to grow up and be more self-efficient [RD]
      • Detachment [MIV]
      • Family exercise:
        • Book: ‘Once upon a time’ Family book

Community cooking class Oakland, California [BC]

  • Mindfulness awareness exercise before cooking
  • Lack of appreciation
  • Preliminary program working with kids in California

Creating a new habit [MCS]

In search for the truth: … By oneself

  • The 7 Principles of Effortless action: [MIV]
    • Principle 1: Act on Passion. Take a stand for what you believe in. Remember your purpose is to contribute the best of who you are at all times. You are in this particular work situation because this is the place where you can fulfill your life purpose for the time being. There is a reason you were led to take this job or create this career.
    • Principle 2: Be Discerning. Let your rational mind and intuition work together. Trust first impressions but always check out the facts.
    • Principle 3: Listen very carefully to unspoken feelings. Flow through on persistent intuitive messages.
    • Principle 4: Notice where you lose or gain energy. Notice when you begin to rationalize, justify or blame. You feel something is not right? Take action even though it may take you out of your comfort zone. It’s time to discover what you will need to change or release from your life.
    • Principle 5: Commit. Do whatever it takes to put you in motion toward doing what your intuition is telling you.
    • Principle 6: Assume synchronistic support (or providential help) is coming your way. Coincidences you never expected confirm that you are on the right path, even if their meaning is not crystal clear at the time. Some people say, “If it’s supposed to happen, it will.”
    • Principle 7: Trust the process. Trust that your life is unfolding as it should and that your intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Analogy – the river- go with the flow.

  • Don’t be the rock against the current

Taoism: [MIV]

Shielding exercise:    [SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT]

  • The rings of Harmony – Holographic Tool Developed by  Mashhur  Anam

Building an altar:

  • Remember – being present sitting in special place

What is home? [CEF]

  • Going back home [JM]


  • Dissertation in Manilia [JM]
  • Agriculture
  • Homelessness situation
  • Development – students becoming teachers
    • Where learners lead
    • Writing for the future
    • ‘Experience with emergence’
    • Continuality
      • Communication relations between learners and mentors
      • Creating different experience
      • Language
        • Transition from academic environment language à being in the deep field
        • Weaknesses – clinging to language of ‘academics’

What is community? [RH]

  • Meaning?
  • In modern day America?
    • VISUABLE – no obvious answer in NYC
    • Building community with friends and organizations getting together…

Doing the path consciously we will find the answer ‘ [MIV]


Sustainable Housing: [CEF]

Long-term goal:                                         ‘Back to mother earth’

  • Sustainable building and farming
  • Living in a tree house

‘Be present + listen = emergence’ [CEF]

Columbia TC Rain garden – New York Times article

Add greenery to courtyard [NYtimes website is not working ATM]

Non-Profit Organization: [DW]

Bow, Washington north of Seattle

  • Developmental course teaching energy sustainability
  • Environmental movement in Japan

Sandra’s Family land sustainability dream:

  • 5 acres with private road [SI]
  • Create village retreat center
  • Hospital
  • Store

Illness and stress


TC Notes_2103-15-8




Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Dennis

Sandra Lesibu

Checking in:

Systemic Constellations Therapy

Zulus; South Africa

Hidden solutions; Dan Booth Cohen

  • Forgiving our parents [RD]
  • ‘Father wants to make amends with their children before they die.’
  • Sorting out anger

The ALARM and journaling:

  • Reflecting mentally but not writing down reflection
  • Working with my weaknesses- so scattered – importance bring into focus
  • Appreciation
  • Being more present- grounded – powerful
  • Becoming a habit:
    • Changing a habit is changing our minds
    • YOUTUBE: Healing Powers TV: Dr. Bruce Lipton, Epigenetics
      • Bruce Lipton creating a habit – religious character (subconscious mind)
      • Articulating thoughts and movement
        • Building vocabulary and spelling
        • ADD- journaling (Exercise 3)
          • Morning and evening becoming more concise
            • Everyday / week another resource.


  • Setting alarm at top of the hour – synchronize all together

‘Changing NYC School Systems’ [RD]


  • Student involvement [SI]
  • Lack leadership
  • Involvement
  • Acting to dysfunctional system
  • Holding everyone accountable
  • Funding
  • Improvement
  • No child left behind Act
    • Failed because no resources and support

What is missing in public schools?

  • Core values

Education controlled by …

  • What are the community core values?

Cross-sectioning ‘MIA’ into other schools [RD]

  • Special education
  • ‘Alternative schools’

Individualizing education:

Ex. Lumina Foundation

  • Money
  • Politics
  • Etc.

IDEC 2013 21st Annual International Democratic Education Conference [RD]

  • Teacher from Taiwan adopting ‘wise elder Roger Dennis’
  • Key notes ‘coffee hour’
  • Messages from minorities: demonstration
  • EX. Democratic School – Windsor House; BC, Canada

‘Transforming the school systems’ [RD]

Part in 3 different HS:

Impacting policy vs. Making policy [SI]

  • Working for a state agency

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi


Visioning-  ‘who I am coming next phase in life’ [SI]

  • Inspired by women
    • African American women
    • Ex. Tina Turner, Cicely Tyson, Audrey Hepburn

NAME CHANGING:                             Mindfulness into Action –> Collaborative Inquiry


  • ‘Action’ – help focus scattered movements
    • Moving forward = action to focus
    • ‘Inquiry’ – always inquiring


  1. Create another name resembling ‘Mindfulness into Action’
  2. ‘Umbrella Effect’:
    1. The scholar name ‘Collaborative Inquiry’ (Umbrella)

i.     Mission statement:  ‘Mindfulness into Action’ (Staple Piece)


  • Creating official University club
  • Validating Teacher backing

Larger Vision: Create ‘MIA’ in schools [ALH]

  • Teachers College Columbia University Starting point
  • After school programs
  • Be beyond a club



“A liberal knows that the only certainty in this life is change but believes that the change can be directed toward a constructive end.” ~Henry A. Wallace

TC Notes_2013-8-8 :CEF

NOTES_2013-8-8 :CEF


Anna Healy

Courtney Furlong

David Weksler

Roger Horton

Sandra Lesibu – New Ed.D. Student AT TC!

Maria Cecilla Salcedo

Mariana, Vergara


What do you want in your life? [MIV]

  • Feel it as you have achieved it
  • Not visualize or mentalize
  • Working on the SELF

July 2012

Foundation donated 241 hectareas for the Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador

  • 2.4 acre = 1 hectareas
  •  1 hectarea = 10,000 square meters land

Mindfulness into Action project in Ecuador- work with indigenous people

  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable farming
  • Student – scholarships

World Dignity University

Systemic Constellations

Zulus; South Africa

YOUTUBE: Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations

Field of Morphic energy

  • Self and ancestral energy
  • Navigating the field of own reflection representatives fall into emotional rolls of higher consciousness
  • NOT psycho drama

YOUTUBE: 3 Dimensions of Consciousness


Create a field

In the field – create a field of consciousness – described in cultural culture context

  • Personal consciousness
  • Collective consciousness – religious – spiritual – earth based- scientific frame work
  • Middle dimensional consciousness – the inherited mind – consciousness of life – comes through our biology – memories – type of memory from our ancestors

‘Your ancestors are in your cells’ [MIV]

RITUAL: Healing with Mariana

The Ho’oponopono Mantra (ancient indigenous Hawaiian wisdom)

  • Healing engender prayer, repentance and forgiveness in oneself and other.

1) I am sorry, 2) forgive me, 3) I love you, and 4) thank you

  • Check out you feel
  • Then you will see

‘Our mind is controlling us’ [MIV]

‘Mind over matter’ [SL]

Break through stop sabotaging our-selves

‘Omen, New Beginning’ [SL]

Doing these exercises EVERY MORNING:

  • Exercises 1 – Guided meditation
  • Exercise 2 – Tapping heads
  • Exercise 3 –Visualization with higher-self

‘All the knowledge is within you’ [MIV]


  • Waves from other stations
  • Do not see them but you can tune in
  • There are many universes in front of you
  • Right now
    • Multiverses – multiple dimensions
    • Access through your frequency (lower or higher frequency)
      • Gives you what you are asking… Because of what you are sending
      •  ‘Point: Watch your frequency’ [MIV]

Process – How they change these perceptions between now and after the exercise

  • First work with the personal                                   ‘All about the child inside’
  • Measure
  • Building template to use same methodology
  • Involving the adults in the program

YOUTUBE: Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

Book: Red Moon; Miranda Gray [MCS]

  • Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the Menstrual Cycle


  • Spiritual
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical


Infinite Parenting

  • Helping kids and parents with speech problems

EdLab Teachers College Columbia University [DW]

Senior Planet Aging with Attitude [DW]

  • OATS (Older abduct technology service)

DAVIDS HW: Where did they get the funding?


  • Please follow up… ‘Remind each other to throw the ball back’ [MIV]

‘Changing the world on 2 coasts’ [DW]

Beverly is going to do Mindfulness into Action with children in Oakland, California.