OLA- Mindfulness into Action_2013-9-19

OLA- Mindfulness into Action 2013-9-19

RH 306 1600 – 1800


  • Anna Healy
  • David Weksler
  • Farah
  • Maria Cecilia Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Pierre Faller
  • Roger Dennis
  • Sandra Lesibu

David – Met with engineers that have created a software for students to use a career search resource

Sandra – Becoming more aware of personal environment, clearing out house and clutter.  Cultivating a greater awareness of synchronicity and manifesting goals

Farah: Lying in bed, wasting time and decided that she should do something.

Organizing before starting work and passion.  Time management and freed schedule

Keeping journals to track progression during daily exercises.  We are our own research as we connect with the field.

Mariana – children from Africa are going to participate in the reflections exercises.

Mindfulness into Action website to do this process and go within.

Sandra – Washington at a national conference with the major 9 sororities and fraternities about education and how to stop school-to-prison, change curriculum

Pierre – Brings back to a few years ago and where he sees an opportunity to apply this to situations to make systematic.  Making this process part of daily regimen

2. Life has changed a lot in the last 2-3 months, left his job to focus on dissertation, interesting place to be a master of his own domain without any external structures.

3. Mother is visiting and interesting dynamic between parents/children, act on mindfulness when entering tough/tense situations.  Feels better aware of what is happening and how to act/react on what is going on

Maria Cecilia – challenging to create a new habit, learning there are multiple ways to change subconscious and creating new habits to meet goal.  Clear on goal and it is now looking very close to obtaining goal.   Enjoying journey to apply

Roger Dennis – Epigenetics

Pulling demographic data on public schools and noticing

Action Items:

Sandra to introduce Reflection Exercise to associates from the Washington conference.

Pierre: Idea that club should establish clear objectives and agenda:

1. To introduce projects/and or update status on progress

2. Two dimensions: relfection and process of mindfulness

Contribution of club: through projects and potential initiatives as it relates to TC, Columbia and community



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