OLA – Mindfulness into Action_2013-10-3


RH 202 1600-1800


  • Anna Heely
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Elizabeth Negrete
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Nadia Eran
  • Roger Dennis
  • Sandra Lesibu

Systemic Therapy training

Systemic Therapy or Family Constellations work has a powerful, healing and reconciling effect on a spiritual level, which mirrors itself in a positive way in the physical body. It was discovered by Bert Hellinger inspired by his 16 years observing the ancient knowledge of the Zulus in Africa.

Senior Planet proposal [David Weksler]

Lecture-Video clip – Education children acting like scientists [Elizabeth]

  • Cognitive abilities vs. non-cognitive abilities to be successful
  • Developing resultants
  • Building portfolios

Singing mantra concert [Maria Cecilia]

  • Finding meditation for self
  • Being in action
  • Inner voice being at peace when singing mantras

Mindfulness work group at TC [Elizabeth]

Concentrate on the present moment [Nadia]

Being in the third person [Mariana]

  • Observing your own behavior
  • Please read:
  • Action Inquiry by Bill Torbert, 2004
  • Collaborative Inquiry by Bray, Lee, Smith & Yorks, 2000

Creative Live – Learning channel [Roger Dennis]

  • Free online
  • Mindfulness and yoga

Norway government grant for Latin America research facility [Mariana]

Discussion of Second Person Action Inquiry

Re: TEDx Brain storming meeting

  • Need for technology in education
    • Is education flat?
    • Need for diversity in TEDx
    • Recording be interactive idea more of an experiential things than a lecture
    • What will the focus be? Theme?

Speaker- Stacy Robbins

Received with Victoria Marsick a grant for diversity initiative

Curriculum of adult learning leadership developing program

Develop master’s program curriculum to meet needs of students

  • Student voice – What do the students need?

Collaborative processes -What is design thinking?

• Methodology proven and repeatable problem solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.

Collaboration – ‘standing on the shoulders of others’

  • What has already been done?
  • Where are the students coming from?
  • What is the learning environment?

Bring together people who care:

  • Faculty
  • Students

Wine and cheese gathering October 17th, 2013 2000-2100 Check AWILDA

Advisor- Victoria Marsick

  • Ways to get involved
  • Check adult learning website- how must we develop Adult learning…
  • Teachers College adulating learning and leadership page


  • OLA
  • Dean’s Fellowship program [Stacy Robbins]




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