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OLA Meeting

October 10th, 2013

4 to 6 pm


  • Anna Healy
  • Courtney Furlong
  • David Weksler
  • Elisabeth Negrete
  • Fatima Farhat Mansoob
  • Maria Cecilia Salcedo
  • Mariana Vergara
  • Pierre Faller
  • Sandra Lesibu

4 – 4:30 pm   Reflections First Person Action Inquiry

4:30 – 5 pm   Reflections Second Person Action Inquiry

5 pm               Reception: The Inaugural Edmund Gordon Lecture,

6 pm               Educating Harlem Lecture Series Milbank Chapel


First person Action Inquiry – Collaborative Inquiry

  • It is about your own behavior
  • What did you find?


  • Mirror reflection
  • Lighting a candle honoring my family

[Sandra] Reflecting:

  • Realization: What am I doing with my goals to contribute to world peace?
  • 9 major sororities and Fraternities
    • What are their initiatives and the impact?
    • Academic achievement in college, in professional career and community?

[Maria Cecilia] Recognizing the third head

  • Being aware of what you are doing?
    • Missing the third head
    • Realization: prioritizes of family.
      • Journey within finding the master within
      • Trauma from past – going back inside and reflect in order to heal

[Pierre] AGIS program building block

  • Embrace vs. frustration
  • Human experience
    • Being present about emotion
    • Not resist what is happening
    • Surrendering to your emotions – enjoy the moment
    • Duality surrendering vs. resistance
      • Culture opposing resistance
        • Ego – thinking of self
        • Surrender to situations – letting go

[Fatima] Noticing self after 1 hour

  • Realization: wasting time in my life
  • Recognizing: from bottom of my heart benefits in this esthetics of exercises
    • Work, thought
    • Changing within one hour

[Elisabeth] Realization:  Be mindful of assumptions

1. Volunteering with 3rd graders– mindful enjoy children over adults

  • Trying not to have assumptions
    • Assumption of other volunteers

2. Group project

  • Aware shouldn’t complain about small things

[Anna] Helping mother after fall at bedside

  • Mindful of always being at the right place at the right time
  • Listening and sharing Mashur guided meditation

[Mariana] Juggling Kendrick and dissertation


Second Person Action Inquiry – Collaborative Inquiry

  • Epigenetics-Lipton 95% of our behavior is ruled by subconscious. In order to overcome our subconscious behavior:
  1. Habits
  2. Hypnotisms

1. Habits by implementing the reflection exercise daily

2. Hypnotism by listening to guided meditations we apply self-hypnotism

Mashur’s Guided Meditation (self-hypnotism)

Link to guided meditation: Life Harmonized

Pilots at high schools:

Lincoln HS

  • Columbia Reflection group
  • Promise a visit to Teachers College
  • October 17th, 2013 2:30pm-3: 15 pm bi-weekly advising

Dover HS

  • Students doing reflections
  • First person Action Inquiry
  • Next meeting Monday October 14, 2013 – 10:53 am weekly

Connecting both schools for alignment

  • Share how feel about pilot


‘Master Within’

  • Jon work with Roger Dennis – develop resources for elementary, middle and high school students.


  • MIV- send Anna Healy info of Alvaro Hernandez for Pilot emergence
  • MIV-Send Fatima gentlemen’s (Dan Booth Cohen) dissertation on peace making
  • MIV-Forward Information of Transformational Learning Conference

OLA next meeting Monday October 14th, 2013 from 1500-1700 203 Russell Hall

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