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13 thoughts on “Calendar

    1. masterwithin Post author

      Many thanks for the suggestions for the Calandar page….

      I was thinking of a google account and the associated calendar for that to be here? ideas?
      I like the suggestion from Anna re Meeting announcements.



  1. AnnaLouiseHealy

    Hi all

    On Dec 2nd we will be meeting in RH 306 from 3 – 5pm. In light of the discussion around changing our meeting time, I have also reserved room RH 106 from 5 – 6pm.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. AnnaLouiseHealy

    Hi all,

    We have RH 103 from 4 – 5pm on Monday, Dec. 16th. Unfortunately there are not any rooms available for the 5pm hour… We will have to improvise!

    Sending my best to all,

  3. David Weksler

    18 August – we will meet at Teachers College and anticipate the new academic year, reunions and getting further along – would you like to join us?

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