Bronx Academy of Software Engineering (BASE) and Mindfulness into Action

I have taken a position as a lead teacher in BASE.
The teachers and administration are interested in developing a Mindfulness aspect to the culture at BASE

There is a significant daily time frame dedicated to advisory.
There is a huge need for learners and staff to develop tools to pacify, anxieties and to afford the opportunities for concentration and focus.

I will prepare the path with the administration for research and other activities such as site visits by members of MIA.

I am developing a curriculum for advisory which includes as many aspects of Mindfulness as possible.

The research aim would be to develop a research method and document the experiences of the learners and staff and to note any transformations connected to the Mindfulness exercises.
Support will be needed for training, site visitations, methodology development and literacy review.

Preparations are underway to describe to the administration the need for IRB and diagnostic/benchmark testing. Other pre-requesits include clarifying the terms of reference and detailing a common understanding of MIA efforts and needs at BASE.

10 thoughts on “Bronx Academy of Software Engineering (BASE) and Mindfulness into Action

  1. it is time

    Great, Jon; another opportunity for MIA to work with young people. i would love to come in and do a workshop or two – but Advisory usually doesn’t last very long. How long is it in BASE?

    1. masterwithin Post author

      Thanks Roger

      Advisory is a growing part of the day!
      We meet at 830 am to start the day, everyday for 15 mins.
      Then at about 145pm for an hour everyday.

      That s a big chunk of time.

      You and all MIA members are most welcome.

      Let s plan.

      Its snowing in NYC.

      Cheers to all

      1. David Weksler

        Jon –

        Personally, it’s nice to know that you posted as yourself, Jon Mannion, – I appreciate the “Master Within” idea, but still it throws me a bit to see that the person making the post IS NOT named Mannion – maybe it’s just me.

        It’s 7:11am and I’m being reflective so, less conversation, another link.

        On the PBS Newshour last night (Thursday, 20 Feb. 2014) a report on “restorative justice” at a school in Aurora, Colorado:

  2. it is time

    jon, great that there is an hour a day. yes, we’ll plan.

    i can tell you i’d like to first do a communication workshop, which really has strong ‘side’ benefits – students feel better about themselves and their classmates, and begin to become more empowered!

    i think we should videotape it and begin creating a library of resources to share with others.


    ps. david; thanks for the restorative justice link; will watch as soon as i can. (of course i am already a believer)

    1. David Weksler

      Roger –

      OF COURSE you are a believer!! That’s why you are in Mexico!! 😉

      Just liked the report as it relates the experience in Colorado (post-Columbine HS) of going to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of student conflict (suspend them right away) to an understanding that people getting angry and then getting kicked out of school for a period of time doesn’t resolve anything: they are still angry when they come back. The “restorative justice” interaction tries to re-build trust and understanding after it has been damaged for whatever reason. Very good statement from the principal of the school in the video segment that the PBS Newshour featured.

      Happy Travels.

  3. masterwithin Post author

    Student leadership, including student court should be an aim of our BASE community.

    Anyone with experience of that we can contact?

    I wonder if Mariana can comment?
    To follow any post/thread it is necessary to check the little boxes at the bottom. Did u see that Roger?
    Thanks for your activity!!
    friends with Master Within

    1. it is time

      jon, i am extremely experienced with student leadership, and somewhat with student court. (student court can be designed via the student leadership process.)

      i have a four (?) page document and an almost 60 page document that are relevant. i’ll send them to the group.

    2. Mariana

      Dear Jon!

      Thank you for all your work at BASE and Mindfulness into Action. I am in the last details to complete the IRB. I will keep you posted…

      I send you a big hug with all my love!


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