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Mindfulness into Action focuses on empowering individuals to solve complex societal issues, by bringing about greater self-awareness and consciousness through reflective practice exercises.

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We are continuing to expand the application of “Mindfulness into Action” through the BRIDGE® Model of Transformational Learning, an innovative methodology mindfulness approach to study and apply learning techniques to help shape and change behaviors, with the goal of finding solutions to personal and society-level issues. Mariana Vergara has been building this model for over the past fifteen years, and continues to research it through her doctorate research at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Mindfulness into Action cuts across human rights, access to information and justice, and the promotion of civil society and social inclusion. This is an innovative and unconventional approach to fundamental open society challenges and pushes the boundaries of current thinking and carries lessons that were applied to a variety of settings.

Mindfulness into Action works with individuals to help solve societal issues faced today, such as empowering local indigenous communities to better deal with globalization issues, finding solutions to the academic achievement gap faced by students from immigrant families in the U.S., and other problems that require both inner and outer transformation.

Most personal and societal issues occur due to a person being in a reactive state to their environments, based on their mental models and programmed behavior at a subconscious level. By allowing a person to become calm and present through various mindfulness techniques, and taking them through a process of growing self-awareness and inner transformation, they are able to tap into various faculties of their conscious mind (normally inaccessible when a person is in a purely reactive state), and with greater clarity, make better decisions for themselves, their families and society at large.

We are creating two work products that will reach our audience most effectively. One of them is a manual for parents with the focus on ‘Closing the Achievement Gap’, one of the most discussed issues in U.S. education . The other work product is to continue to develop a curriculum for a course called “Mindfulness into Action”. This course will be a vehicle for people to achieve a conscious state of being while critically reflecting on their underlying assumptions, taken-for-granted beliefs, and biases unintentionally assimilated from their culture. We have begun creating this curriculum, in conjunction with the World Dignity University.

Meetings are held weekly at Teachers College in a small group setting.

Members include:



Roger Dennis

Cristina Cortes

April Frazier

Courtney Furlong

Yvonne Dennis
Anna Healy

Jon Mannion

Elizebeth Negrete

David Weksler

Maria Cecilia Salcedo

Santy Quinde

Mariana Vergara


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